Born in 1966 in Sardinia, and living in Brescia (northern Italy) since 1990, Valeria Sechi has had a long career working as a hostess for fairs and conventions, she has collaborated with painters and photographers, and at the moment she is a model for photo shooting, commercials and advertising.

Her long naturally grey hair is her signature.

Grey hair model Valeria Sechi wearing a yellow leather jacket
Name:   Valeri Sechi
Age:   54 yo
Nationality:   Italian
Ethnicity:   mediterranean
Eyes:   brown
Hair:   natural grey
Height:   167 cm
Bust:   82 cm
Waist:   70 cm
Hips:   92 cm
Dress:   42 (EU)
Shoes:   38 (EU)
Professional preferences:   Fashion
Hostess for fairs and conventions
Photo shooting
TV, commercial, advertising and videoclip
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