Photographic portrait of Italian grey hair model Valeria Sechi, for Pharmacos s.r.l.


Grey hair model,
pro-age endorser

My name is Valeria Sechi, born in 1966, I have 5 sons, I live in Brescia (Italy) and I am Sardinian. After an otherwise easy life, I started working as a model when I was 50, to witness the beauty of women outside the canons of perfection and age. I embarked on this career to be the testimonial that I would have liked to see in advertising campaigns when I was looking for role models: for too long women of my age have been ignored, while in fact, contrary to popular belief, today they are experiencing a new flowering. My hallmark is precisely my long, natural gray hair: I have never dyed it and it is my flag, the banner that communicates to the world my relationship with advancing age (which I consider to be a great privilege that not everyone has been granted, and which I experience as an extraordinary opportunity to always carry out new projects). Read more »